Diagnostic Robotics is fighting Coronavirus (COVID-19) with a triage and monitoring system

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Diagnostic Robotics עוזרת להילחם במגיפת הקורונה בעזרת מערכת תשאול
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The medical-grade AI triage and clinical-predictions platform

We imagine a world where the most advanced technologies in the field of artificial intelligence can make healthcare better, cheaper, and more widely available.

Our powerful diagnostic system uses AI and predictive analytics models to solve a global challenge: strained health budgets and workforces. At Diagnostic Robotics, we are collaborating with the largest hospitals in Israel and a growing number of payer and provider partners in the United States to help make our vision for a better world into a reality.

Our Vision

Massively reduce the cost of care

Every patient should get the right care at the right time in the most appropriate setting. Our solutions can ensure that patients are connecting with the most qualified and cost-effective provider for their individual needs.

Lower the burden on physicians 

Physicians should have all the tools they need to focus on their relationships with patients. We can take the guesswork out of intake and provide improved risk prediction capabilities for clinical decision making.

Improve patient experience and outcomes 

Patients want a seamless experience. Providers and payers want less administrative overhead and fewer missed opportunities to deliver exceptional service. Our solutions can help your organization meet both goals with inutitive digital offerings for navigation, triage, and assessment.

Our Partners

“The accuracy D.R. achieved in the emergency department is impressive. The company’s most important innovation, however, is using this system to drive patient navigation before they make it to the hospital in the first place – this is how AI can truly reduce physician burden and cost of care.”

John D. Halamka, MD
Professor at Harvard Medical School, President of Mayo Clinic

 "The most prominent company in the Israeli healthcare ecosystem"

out of 500+ active companies.

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The Israeli company deals with care navigation to reduce healthcare loads and cost

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Digital Health startup Diagnostic Robotics Ltd. has raised a $24 million in a series A funding round

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“Leumit sees strategic importance in integrating artificial intelligence in the medical services we provide. It is clear today that the future of medicine will be influenced by artificial intelligence, and we believe it is important to enter this field in a gradual and responsible manner.

In our view, the urgent rating of acute situations is a great place to start, and to expand it to other areas. The ability to perform this diagnosis remotely connects to our vision of a 100% digital HMO, enabling you to remotely perform any action you can without reaching the medical center.

Diagnostic Robotics is the leading company in the field and we are proud to collaborate and provide AI-driven digital services to all our members.”

Nissim Alon
CEO of Leumit Health Services

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