Changing the World
of Healthcare

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Join our mission!

Changing the World of Healthcare

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What Drives Us?

Our core values

Do good

We strive to create a better world by improving healthcare.

Winning together

Every team member plays an important role in our success. We value collaboration and prioritize teamwork.


We collaborate with our partners on healthcare solutions that cut costs, save time, and positively impact millions of lives.

Push the limits

Our teams focus on innovation to ensure we always stay ahead of the curve.


Our culture of excellence and continued education helps us be global experts in our fields.

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Meet the team

“I’ve always been intrigued by the ways technology can improve global health systems, so Diagnostic Robotics was a great fit for me. I’m responsible for ensuring healthcare managers can better connect with their patients and make sure they get the best care possible. This important work (along with the team, which feels like a family) is what made me realize that Diagnostic Robotics is a company with real values that helps improve the quality of healthcare around the world.” 

Emanuel Ichilov

Software Engineer

Meet the team

“I was impressed when I first learned of Diagnostic Robotics – for such a young company based in Israel to be doing business with some of the largest payers in the US, something was going right! Since joining Diagnostic Robotics I have had the chance to work with some of the smartest people in clinical and data science. I am learning about AI everyday and we're building amazing solutions from the ground up to solve some of the biggest problems in the US healthcare system.”

Stefanie Wolfson

Head of Customer Success

Meet the team

I decided to join Diagnostic Robotics because I wanted to make a positive impact on the healthcare system. What I like the most about working in Diagnostic Robotics is the amazing group of people I am working with and solving complex real-world problems with innovative technology.

Noa Lubin

Machine Learning Team Leader

Meet the team

“As a clinician, I decided wanted to play an active role in creating and innovating the healthtech tools that will change how I, and my fellow doctors work. Diagnostic Robotics has the vision, the talent, and the audacity to do “something different” while ensuring the focus stays on the value of “doing good” - improving healthcare for patients, providers, and caregivers. The company nurtures the curiosity of young and talented data scientists and gives them a real opportunity to make the world a healthier place. ”

Avi Merkado

Medical Lead

Our work with data science and AI is revolutionizing healthcare. We are now able to proactively predict patients at risk of deterioration and how to reduce it and allow them to live longer happy and healthy lives.

Kira Radinsky, CEO and founder