Helping Health Plans succeed in reducing costs and expanding value-based care (VBC)

Health plans  are pressured to improve member outcomes while reducing care costs, and have spent years investing in analytics and building clinical programs to expand Value-Based Care (VBC) throughout their network. Despite this, providers have unique challenges in deploying these insights due to difficulties with workflow integration, challenges in actioning on the insights provided, and lack of clarity around the financial impact of these programs.

Diagnostic Robotics helps you overcome these challenges with the seamless implementation of AI-driven, personalized predictive care gaps, enabling collaboration among your teams to by embedding in provider workflows to drive action. We partner with health plans of all sizes to improve their clinical programs.

Predictive Model Suite for VBC Success

Go beyond data. Our population health solutions make your data work smarter by proactively identifying and managing patients at risk, providing actionable insights with predictive care gaps across a wide array of clinical domains.

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Provider Engagement Boosting App for Health Plans

Increase profits by boosting provider engagement with our Care Companion App which surfaces data-driven insights directly into your providers workflows and patient interactions.

Explore our intuitive app that aligns patient and provider objectives


Proven Results for Our Customers

By applying the latest in machine learning, BCBSRI can better support population health. We look forward to working with Diagnostic Robotics to bring these added capabilities to our members and our customers."

Matt Collins, M.D., Blue Cross Blue Shield Rhode Island Executive Vice President & Chief Medical Officer

In a large scale clinical program

centered around improving the outcomes and cost of CHF patients, Diagnostic Robotics predictive care gaps enabled teams to take action, driving:

$1,600 PMPM

cost reduction

4x cost savings

when compared to members identified and engaged using historical methodology

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