Boost Earnings with our EHR Companion App

Maximize risk adjustment revenue by closing diagnosis gaps with actionable point-of-care alerts that are integrated into the provider’s EHR workflow.

Increases efficiency by displaying only those diagnoses that escalate Medicare HCC risk adjustment factor (RAF) scores - with support for CMS-HCC v28

Improves compliance in closing diagnosis gaps

Eliminate the burden of accessing third-party portals and workbooks

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Guaranteed Revenue Boost!

Our advanced risk adjustment solution identifies suspected diagnoses, increasing your patient's RAF scores. Fail to identify any revenue opportunities? We'll refund your purchase. Enhance your earnings with us - it's risk-free.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Diagnostic Robotics?

Diagnostic Robotics is an award winning healthcare innovator providing solutions for most pressing healthcare problems. Our team of healthcare industry veterans focuses on enabling physicians to thrive in value-based care arrangements.

Why do I need it?

Accurate diagnosis capture plays a crucial role for providers operating under value or risk-based contracts. However, the current process of confirming HCC for risk adjustment is often labor-intensive and disconnected from electronic health records (EHRs), resulting in a heavy administrative burden and incomplete risk scoring.

To address this challenge, our EHR Companion App identifies patient-specific condition gaps and empowers providers to swiftly and easily take appropriate actions for precise and efficient risk adjustment procedures.

How does it work?

Our EHR Companion App analyzes the claim data to identify all conditions that have been coded in previous years but not in the current one. Next, the app reduces the list to only those conditions that can increase the reimbursement by linking them to Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) and processing the HCC grouping logic. Finally, the app multiplies the risk adjustment (RAF) score by the base fee to enable physicians to prioritize assessment, treatment, management, and subsequent documentation of the conditions that increase reimbursement the most.

Why Diagnostic Robotics?

Diagnostic Robotics is an industry leading innovator in healthcare analytics, providing cutting-edge insights to risk-bearing providers to improve outcomes, increase revenues, and reduce cost of care.

What is the implementation process?

We work with your team to get credentials from your ACOs to access Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D claims data directly from Medicare for your Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), Direct Contracting, ACO REACH, and Kidney Care Choice (KCC) contracts.

In parallel, we help you install our EHR companion app on your care team computers. We work with your practice managers to prepare communication and training materials to ensure that your practice is ready to use the software. A physician should not need more than a few minutes to learn to use our intuitive software.

After this one time set up, the software will include data for any new member for the implemented contracts.

Which EHRs do you support?

We support all EHRs. Our technology relies on AI to understand the context and requires no integration with EHR.

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