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AI-Powered Population Health Management

Successful care management requires combining precise risk identification with the right interventions.

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Traditionally, this has been achieved by identifying already expensive populations rather than those that may become expensive in the future. Because of this, efforts are driven towards members who have already experienced deterioration of health rather than focusing on preventable events and more impactable members.

Diagnostic Robotics AI Models

Identify outreach
with the greatest impact
Enable organizations
to drive targeted and effective care journeys
Reduce costs
through vastly improved outcomes

Increase Cost Savings

For Payers

Diagnostic Robotics works with various leading regional and national health plans to seamlessly integrate member and plan information with our large medical datasets to facilitate whole person care and better care management outreach.

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Using AI and nuanced medical definitions, our automated predictions models leverage diagnosis and procedural data points to generate novel, in order to identify impactable members who are likely beyond the point of preventable care.

ER visits
EMR records

These models segment clusters of future-risk members based on historical utilization patterns, comorbidities, and other factors to determine what is actionable within their characteristics and match them to the clinical next steps, equipping your team to engage with members effectively.

Our customers not only see a reduction in avoidable events, but also

Improved health outcomes for their members

24.9% reduction in AED event rate

Significant reductions in cost of care

$1,600 PMPM/$19,200 PMPY reduction

improved ROI

2.9x ROI

For Providers

We also work with Providers who can enhance population health management strategies and unlock the promise of value-based care through whole patient care with our AI models.

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Our proprietary AI algorithms proactively identify patients with risk that is preventable and match them with high-impact, personalized clinical next steps based on their actionable risk factors to improve care outcomes and reduce the total cost of care.

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