Diagnostic Robotics & Elevance Health Present About Partnership at HIMSS 2022

March 18, 2022

BOSTON, March 18, 2022 –  Diagnostic Robotics, a leading provider of artificial intelligence and care management solutions for health plans and providers, announced today that its CEO Kira Radinsky co-presented with Elevance Health’s (formerly Anthem, Inc) Chief Data and Insights Officer Ashok Chennuru at the HIMSS 2022 Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida on March 16. 

The HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition allows health professionals worldwide to connect and gain access to education, innovation, and collaboration opportunities to optimize health and wellness. Attendees included CIOs, senior executives, providers, payers, IT consultants, entrepreneurs, and more. 

During the presentation, Radinsky and Chennuru spoke about how Diagnostic Robotics has partnered with Elevance Health to pair its novel predictive AI models with Elevance’s large data sets to provide care managers with the tools they need to optimize decision-making and offer the highest-quality value-based care. They also explained how Diagnostic Robotics’ solution can be used to identify new real-time data through patient-facing applications and questionnaires to drive better analytics. 

Chennuru elaborated on how the partnership has allowed Elevance to strategically leverage its data to create action-oriented workflows and learn from Diagnostic Robotics’ AI models to find the best clinical pathways to improved member outcomes. He also detailed how Elevance is able to offer its provider network the value of these insights and analytics. 

“This conference was a great opportunity for us to highlight how national payers are finding value in our solution and how we can easily integrate into their existing technology systems, ” said Dr. Kira Radinsky, CEO of Diagnostic Robotics.

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