Stop COPD cost escalation: identify key drivers and act early

Identifying patients with risk for preventable episodes because of their COPD exacerbation

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COPD affects more than 16 million Americans each year and is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Preventable hospitalizations related to COPD significantly impact healthcare costs, which are estimated at more than $36 billion annually.

While this cost trend continues to grow, studies have shown that early interventions and disease management programs can drive up to a 41% reduction in COPD-related hospitalizations and a significant cost savings - highlighting the need for solutions that provide proactive insights.

Diagnostic Robotics’ Intelligent Care Journeys empowers health plans and risk-bearing providers with actionable insights, leveraging vast external data to deliver personalized next steps for every patient.

Reduce COPD Care Costs with Early Identification & Treatment


PMPM savings

Per targeted patient at a large national health plan

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Proactive intervention stops preventable COPD care cost escalations

67 years old, MaleThe model pinpointed a COPD patient in the GOLD group E who demonstrated non-adherence to LABA (Long-Acting Beta Agonist), coupled with a rising trend in SABA (Short-Acting Beta Agonist) consumption. This indicates potential challenges in managing their COPD. Additionally, the model noted a hospitalization due to pneumonia the previous year and a lack of vaccinations in the current year, both of which heighten the risk of subsequent COPD-related hospitalizations.

Lower costs by preventing exacerbation

Understand why your patients are at risk and recommend next steps for care based on the main risk factors based on their impact on future risk and costs

Reduce preventable care cost escalations for your COPD patients

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