Diagnostic Robotics is fighting Coronavirus (COVID-19) with a triage and monitoring system for healthcare providers, payers and government agencies

We reduce health system overload by helping individuals determine the right course of action while minimizing direct contact with medical teams

Diagnostic Robotics’ COVID-19 Remote Assessment and Monitoring tool is empowering providers, payers, and government agencies to respond digitally to the growing pressures of the pandemic.

Our solution includes remote patient progress monitoring, automated patient queries, provider-facing alerts about high-risk patients, and daily updates about the spread and progress of the disease at a community and regional level.

What can Diagnostic Robotics’ COVID-19 Remote Assessment and Monitoring tool do for your health system?

Remote screening for concerned patients

Reduce incoming inquiries at your call centers from patients who have questions or concerns about potential COVID-19 symptoms. This platform can deliver personalized guidance to patients based on a thorough self-assessment and direct individuals to appropriate care settings - or advise them to stay home.

Remote triage for symptomatic, non-isolated patients

Diagnostic Robotics provides a dashboard that enables remote monitoring and risk assessment of patients with COVID-19 symptoms by highlighting concerning changes in clinical status.

Population-level monitoring of COVID19 trends

Make sure your health system is prepared for whatever comes next.  This platform enables you to monitor your community for concerning trends or hotspots in coronavirus activity. 

Diagnostic Robotics’ COVID-19 Remote Assessment and Monitoring tool is web-based, widely accessible, and available in multiple languages

Customizable protocol

Default protocol based on CDC guidelines, customizable to the needs of your health system.

Channel agnostic

Web-based, installation-free solution. Can be distributed via web, mobile, email, text and any social applications.

Multiple language support

Reach every community with information that can be translated into any language.

Diagnostic Robotics is proud to be a member of the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition. Alongside companies such as Amazon and Microsoft, providers such as Mayo Clinic and HCA Healthcare, and health tech firms such as Epic and athenahealth, we are committed to leveraging data and innovative technology to help flatten the curve of the epidemic, bolster healthcare delivery and save lives.

Diagnostic Robotics Announces Partnership with the State of Rhode Island to Launch an AI Platform for Remote Assessment and Monitoring of COVID-19

“We are incredibly excited about the partnership with Diagnostic Robotics, Diagnostic Robotics is a leader in using innovative technology to ensure people get the right care at the right time – including during the COVID-19 pandemic. By making it easier for people to make decisions about how to protect themselves and when to seek care and testing, we’re helping to slow the spread of COVID-19, support our healthcare system, and save lives.”

Rhode Island Governor, Gina M. Raimondo

The Israeli ministry leverages Diagnostic Robotics solution in order to provide remote screening

The Israeli ministry leverages Diagnostic Robotics solution in order to provide remote screening

The Israeli Ministry of Health has developed a COVID-19 strategy which includes daily nation-wide monitoring of coronavirus related symptoms of the population using Diagnostic Robotics digital risk assessment and monitoring platform for COVID-19.

Rhode Island has launched a new website allowing residents to check whether they are at risk of getting or may have contracted COVID-19

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Israeli life-saving technologies are helping to slow the virus and are being used by countries around the globe hit hardest by COVID-19.

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A platform where patients with existing symptoms can go through the same triage process and better understand how to make a decision

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