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All of our offerings are configurable to your needs and are designed to be easily integrated into your existing systems.

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For Risk Bearing Employers:

Diagnostic Robotics is revolutionizing how digital tools help employees access healthcare with easy-to-use interfaces that simplify access to high-quality care.

Our platforms offer a reimagined digital care experience backed by artificial intelligence that uses clinician guidance to integrate within your existing benefits ecosystem. Our tools help optimize the employee experience, reduce absenteeism, and reduce avoidable spending on healthcare.

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Our advanced AI algorithms power digital-first clinics and aid nationwide teams of board-certified clinicians in providing care around the clock with no wait times and no appointments needed.

For Governments:

Powerful AI and machine learning algorithms assist local, state, and national governments with population health management, predicting deterioration in medical conditions and chronic condition management.

Predictive analytic models based on tens of billions of claims data points and over 70 million EHR data points accurately flag at-risk patients with a high probability of deterioration.

COVID-19 Population Symptom Monitoring

Diagnostic Robotics implemented a national COVID-19 remote monitoring program, engaging the local population to collect data on symptomatic spread and predict epidemic outbreaks. The system has been successfully deployed in Israel, the United States, and India.

Opioid Addiction Management Program

Diagnostic Robotics assists state and local governments in managing populations at risk for opioid addiction. We use an AI-powered solution to identify individuals at increased risk of addiction, target intervention efforts, and improve population-wide outcomes.

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