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Solutions for the Three MCP Domains

Care Management
Prevent cost escalations with tools for chronic condition management and reducing unnecessary ED use.
Care Integration
Stay ahead of specialty care and refer early with evidence-based tools that focus on prevention.
Community Connection Leverage SDOH, surveys, and other data to identify patients that can benefit from community support and services.
Traditional risk management solutions focus on identifying high-cost patients. But not all costs are preventable. That's why DR's solutions focus on prevention and patients you can actually impact. You'll also get quick, easy clinical next steps to truly prevent as many hospitalizations, ED visits, and condition exacerbations as possible.

This approach reduces the total cost of care, and helps make MCP successful from the very beginning into successful value-based care.

Automate medical summaries

Receive automated medical summaries, meticulously crafted from vast amounts of data, including patient questionnaire responses. Concise insights  streamline your appointment preparations and standardize care protocols.

Real-time recommendations mean efficient cost reduction

We use your data and existing tools to reduce avoidable care costs. You'll have insights into your patients' risk factors and clinical next steps, integrated into your existing workflow.

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