Empowering Primary Care Providers to Thrive in Value-Based Care

Maximize your revenue, stabilize your revenue streams, and prioritize patient outcomes in Medicare’s program, Making Care Primary. Step into the future of primary care, empowered with data-driven guidance every step of the way.

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Solutions for Primary Care Practices

Increase revenue with shared savings and turn it into predictable monthly payments
Save time and address preventable care issues with timely data-driven insights
Focus on care while we handle administrative minutia
Successful implementation of value-based care requires a strategic, targeted approach to risk management. Traditional methods that focus on currently expensive populations leave future high-cost patients overlooked.

Our AI-powered population health solution proactively identifies patients at risk, providing actionable insights with clinical next steps. This approach enables effective care delivery, reduces the total cost of care, and ultimately enhances the success of your care programs.

Making Care Primary (MCP) is a Medicare program that aims to improve primary care delivery and outcomes while serving as an on-ramp into VBC .The model focuses on supporting less experienced primary care practices and organizations by helping them build advanced care delivery capabilities and, over time, assume prospective payments and accountability for cost and quality outcomes.

Practices participating in MCP can follow a structured, long-term pathway to transition to value-based care, focusing on whole-person and equitable care. This shift offers the opportunity to increase revenue beyond what they receive for fee-for-service arrangements.

Diagnostic Robotics’ solution enables success in MCP by empowering primary care practices with actionable insights, leveraging vast external data to deliver personalized next steps for every patient.

Actionable recommendations drive operational efficiencies while lowering costs

Prioritize patient outcomes and reduce avoidable care costs with insights into your patients' risk factors and clinical next steps integrated into your existing workflow.

Distilled insights drive efficiency and care standardization

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with our automated medical summaries, meticulously crafted from vast amounts of data including patient questionnaire responses. Dive into concise insights that not only streamline your appointment preparations but also standardize care protocols.

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