Stop MSK cost escalation: Identify key drivers and act early

Intervene early to prevent costly events such as surgeries or injections for patients with predicted MSK care cost escalations

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More than 50% of Americans suffer from an MSK condition , driving over $600B in claims expenditures each year, which is more expensive than the cost of care for Heart Disease and Cancer combined - making it the country's leading healthcare expenditure.

Due to the chronic nature of many of these conditions, many patients require long-term management and complex care, which drives increased utilization.

Addressing these conditions remains a priority for healthcare organizations, but there’s a gap in identifying the right patients for care. By shifting the focus to patients that can be impacted with proactive interventions, healthcare organizations can improve cost of care.

Diagnostic Robotics’ Intelligent Care Journeys empowers health plans and risk-bearing providers with actionable insights, leveraging vast external data to deliver personalized next steps for every patient.

Reduce MSK Care Costs with Early Identification & Treatment

$100 PMPM

Savings opportunity per targeted patient

For a large national health plan’s commercial spine program based on historical engagement and performance

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Proactive intervention stops preventable MSK care cost escalations

40 year old, FemaleOur model detected an increasing trend in healthcare utilization, including visits to orthopedic and pain specialists, chiropractic treatments, and spinal injections. Obesity, depression and lack of physical therapy were identified as factors accelerating the patient's deterioration.

Lower MSK care costs by preventing flareups

Understand why your patients are at risk and recommend next steps for care based on the main risk factors based on their impact on future risk and costs

Lower Care Costs and Improve Outcomes with Intelligent Care Journeys

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